Our Beginning

One woman on a mission to give all children the opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer because of the life skills they can learn while playing soccer and having fun.

Erin Johnson at age 10 decided she wanted to play soccer because her big brother Matthew played.  She had no idea that the sport would become her passion one day and had no idea that what she learned in soccer would serve her well through lifes trials and tribulations.  Naturally her brother wanted to be a huge part of her vision for the charity and offered to help in any way he could, therefore Matthew Johnson, the internationaly recognized rally racing star will be on the Board of Directors for Soccer Kids of America and carry the Soccer Kids of America logo on his Subaru rally race car.  Without Matthew introducing his sister to soccer she would not have found her passion for soccer and the children of America.  Check him out at...


For two years Erin volunteered as an Assistant Coach for a local U11 girls soccer team.  The little girls of the Storm soccer team helped Erin realize her passion for soccer and the life skills children could learn through the sport.  She set her mind to give all children the opportunity to play soccer and learn life skills that could contribute to their success in life.   She could easily have set her sites on her local area and stopped there but she is focused on making a difference for all at-risk youth of this nation and will not stop until she does!


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